The services outlined below are by no means complete, please contact us and discuss your requirements.

Computer cleaning

You probably never give much thought to your computer as it sits under the bench humming away to itself, that is until the fans start to grind and complain. The dust that builds up inside your computer case will slow the fans and build up on any surface, providing a nice warm blanket. Heat is a computers worst enemy, as heat builds up, your computer starts running erratically, intermittent errors occur, until eventually the PC fails. Of course you’ve backed up the hard drive recently . . .

Computer rebuilds

Is your computer running slow, erratically? Are you the type that likes to download programs to try out? Maybe its time to have all of your data backed up and then the Operating System and other applications reinstalled from scratch.

Virus, adware and malware removal

Is it time for a PC tune up? Just surfing the internet, you will pickup bits of unwanted spyware (software that tracks where you go and what you look at) that enables companies to target specific advertising at you. One short visit to your premises can remove these programs and protect you from further infestation.

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