D-Link DSL-2730B connection issues

So, supplied a customer with a D-Link DSL-2730b wireless N 150 ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router that was subsequently returned as faulty.  Tested in the workshop and found that it could not detect ADSL on the line that had previously had Telecom supplied Thomson TG585 and Linksys WAG310 working just fine.  Reinstalled the Linksys and no issues connecting.

After numerous hours Googling, I emailed D-Link and much to my surprise I had a reply within 30 minutes.  The answer was that Telecom NZ DSLAM equipment was having problems communicating with the Broadcom chipsets used in the 2730B, and that Telecom were "working on the problem".  The interim solution was to revert the 2730B to ADSL 1, as described here



While this solution may get a connection up and running for a desparate end-user, its not really acceptable given that the modem is sold as ADSL2/2+.  In my opinion, I think D-Link should remove the 2730B from sale in NZ until the problem is resolved, given that they're not likely to sell it with a warning about the issue.


In the meantime, I guess it's buyer beware!


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